AllLife Training Videos Intro

06 Apr 2021

This is a shortened version of the introduction video clip I made for AllLife, it features the managing director Steph welcoming the new recruits to the business. The purpose of the video is to play for the recruits at the beginning of their training, I filmed and produced all the training videos too, but they…

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Highway College Promo Video

14 Sep 2020

I spent two days filming at a small Christian private school in Pinetown called Highway College, the marketing manager and myself walked around to all the classrooms and I shot all the footage. I also spent a bit of time at the sports day where the kids were running races and winning trophies, they all…

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NBISA Promo Video

22 Aug 2020

I made a promotional video for a bio-products company called NBISA. Some of the areas I had to film in were so sanitary that I had to wear 3 layers of protective-wear, hair net, shoe covers, the works. Even my camera and equipment had to be sanitised. It was a full day of filming and…

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FT3 Mask – Motion Graphics Videos

19 Jun 2020

This is a follow up from my previous video, this time it is the instructions on how to make the Fibertex facemask. I originally did two separate video shoots to try get live footage of an actual person making a mask by following the steps, but having both shoots ended up being a bust I…

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The Gregory – Video

10 Jun 2020

A few days after I did the photography for The Gregory I went back to shoot some footage, partly because I wanted to try out my new DJI Ronin gimbal and also because I’ve known Greg for many years and was happy to see him laying some foundations here in SA while so many others…

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The Browne’s Big Adventure Animation

02 Mar 2020

This post is just to demonstrate some of the motion design skills I’ve been learning. It’s not a client project, just a little animation video I made in Adobe After Effects which I sent to family and friends in the UK ahead of our trip there. It was really fun making it and I hope…

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Ted Baker Gateway – Launch Video

22 Oct 2019

The following day after I did the interior photos, they asked me to come back for a few hours and shoot the opening of the store. I shot both photos and video, here are the pics and a montage of all the video footage.

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Garden Tube – Logo Animation

20 Aug 2019

Now and then I get a project which I really enjoy doing, one of those was the logo animation for Garden Tube. My wife Ruth designed the logo for our client, and not long after they asked if we could animate the logo too for their upcoming program on The Home Channel on DSTV and…

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Africa Bespoke Apparel – Videos

18 Jan 2019

I completed two promotional videos for Africa Bespoke Apparel. They are a corporate clothing manufacturing company based in Verulam, KwaZulu-Natal which currently employs 450 staff. The business less than a year old and the purpose of the videos is to play at the launch event as well as subsequent expos and other events. I created…

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Autotronix Tugela Site Promotional Video

23 Jun 2017

I did both photos and video for the Autotronix Tugela River Water Treatment Plant. The brief was very simple, to capture video footage of all the automation systems that they had engineered. I asked if they wanted to add some voice-overs, an interview or some graphics but they were happy to just have the footage…

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